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Johannes Bitler was a German or Swiss immigrant to colonial America. Around 1736, he arrived at the Port of Philadelphia onboard the ship "Harle." He married and moved to Robeson Township, Berks County in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to established his homestead. In close to 300 years, his family has grown and spread throughout the United States.  We dedicate this project to our ancestors who have been a part of the fabric of American life.


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July 31, 2021 UPDATE

  Today I updated the main BITLER family tree online to include an additional 2,507 newly-found descendants since our last update in January 2020. The pandemic has not slowed down our research and there have been some branches which I was able to deep dive into, updating them to current living descendants.

Enjoy the updates, and I hope to see everyone at the Reunion at Montour Preserve on August 14!   -Glenn

We are now listing 38,494 descendants found! Are YOU on the tree yet?

Did You Know?
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