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Bitler Family Origins

Bitler Reunion Information

The 115th Annual Bitler Reunion weekend will be held on August 17-18, 2024. As always, we hope to meet new-found cousins from near and far. Thank you to all who make each and every Bitler Reunion special, and for the tireless work of our reunion president and other officers.  Keep the tradition alive and join us for this and future reunions. There is fun for people of all ages. Saturday is a relaxing day at Montour Preserve (originally the Joel Bitler homestead) where you will have a meal and time to sit and talk, play games and interact with family.  Sunday is a meal, reunion business meeting, and most families scatter through Knoebel's Grove Amusement Park for the remainder of the day. Reunion Weekend is a traditional family get-together where you can meet your distant cousins, share stories, relax, and have some good food and good times!  Click the link for Reunion Information above for full details, locations and accommodations.

Bitler Family Tree (the main family tree)

Q - I can't find myself in the main family Tree .. now what?
A - Check to see if you may be in one of our fallen branches, what we researchers call our Brick Walls. They contain hundreds more Bitlers, but we haven't found if or how they are connected ... yet.

Family originating from John Bitler of Frederick County, Maryland. (About 297 family members, last updated March 6, 2018)

Family originating from William Bitler of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. (About 194 family members, last updated, March 6, 2018)

Family originating from William Bitler of Columbia County, Pennsylvania. (About 226 family members, last updated March 6, 2018)

If you are still not in one of those trees, contact us.  We may have you in our records, but just don't know where to connect you yet.

Submit Your Information

Download and complete a Blank Family Group Sheet (Adobe Acrobat .PDF format) and mail it to: Bitler Genealogy, c/o Glenn Piper, 320 Parkside Drive, Macungie, PA 18062


   NOTE: Many obituaries are linked directly from the family tree under the scrapbook links.

Cemeteries & Tombstones

   NOTE: A work in progress.  This may get moved to a virtual cemetery at in the future.

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The Piper Family Tree

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